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An open letter from our CEO

Dear Friends,

As everybody knows, our world is witnessing an unprovoked, illegal and horrific war in Ukraine.

We have watched developments unfold, and have decided that we cannot stand by, far away here in our safe Canadian offices - and do nothing.  We very much want to help, and determined that the most powerful tools at our disposal were our capacity as a design company, our client lists and our relationships in the merchandise industry.

To further add to our urgency in aiding Ukraine, we have 4 members of our Marketing team living and working in Ukraine. They are Ukrainian, and their lives, and those of their friends and families' have been seriously affected by this war. Their safety and comfort has been destroyed and has been replaced with fear, hardship and uncertainty.

Meet our Ukrainian team:


My name is Maksym Kozinchuk, and I am a PPC marketing specialist. I Was born in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. At the moment myself and my family is still in Ukraine.

I have never thought that life of my family and whole nation could be in danger because of just one person who decided that he has a right to decide whether Ukraine should be a sovereign country. 


My name is Daniel Demchenko, I am a Facebook ads specialist from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Because of war Kharkiv was severely bombed my family and I had to move to another city. At the moment I am in western Ukraine.  I really want to go back home and help reconstructing my city.


My name is Mykhailo Dil, I am a digital marketing specialist and have been working in this niche from 2018.  I am from Khmelnytskyi, city in western Ukraine.

At the moment my family accommodates people who temporarily dislocated to western Ukraine.


My name is Mariia Shabanova,  I am originally from Donetsk, Ukraine. However, I had to move to Kyiv because of attack of Russian-backed separatist groups.

At the moment Kyiv is being attacked as well. It is second time I have to leave my home because of war.

Black Maple Trading Co. 

I, Simon, and all of us at Black Maple Trading Co. cannot stand-by and be complacent to this tragedy. Together we have created a line of products to support humanitarian efforts in and around Ukraine..




We will be donating 100% of all profits to selected organizations. Our level 1 goal is to raise and donate $5,000 by the end of March, and we need the help of each and everyone of you who sees this newsletter.

Sales of each type of product will generate a specific donation amount.

Hoodies $10
Crewneck Sweatshirts $10
Mug Sets $10
Sticker Combo Set $10
Raglan Baseball Shirts $8
T-Shirts $5
Caps $5
Tuques $5
Sticker Sets $5
Lunch Bag $5
Tote Bag $5


This fundraiser will remain active as long as there is need in Ukraine- we will initially donate all contributions on a daily basis and will switch to donating weekly as of the first week of April, 2022.

We have decided to donate all money raised to the following front line relief organizations.  Money raised will be split equally 4 ways.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Canada. 

MSF teams in Ukraine are working to assess humanitarian needs, deliver critical medical supplies, provide training to hospitals on how to manage mass casualty incidents and prepare to further expand activities.


CORE is on the ground in Poland supporting the immediate needs of people fleeing Ukraine in the wake of a massive humanitarian catastrophe.

 World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen - One million meals served to families across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary

Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation 

The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, established by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF), is immensely grateful to all Canadians for their generous support of humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.


For transparency all our donations will be posted live on our Social media pages for you to follow.


Please share our efforts with friends and family and with your help, we hope our efforts are successful.  


Simon Cadotte

CEO at Black Maple Trading Co.